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My 1990 V8 is suffering from a similiar type problem with the windshield
gasket.  Mine leaks at the top, rather than the bottom.  The car is always
garaged, and doesn't get driven that much, so it hasn't been a pressing
issue.  But I am curious as to what the cause is of this problem, and then
how they fixed it, and at what cost?
 Any insight is appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Ted Haug
90 V8 quattro (with gasket shrinkage)
90 100
87 Coupe GT
94 Cabriolet

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... and on this topic ... I don't remember whether or not I posted on this
earlier, but when I was contemplating the fact that I was going to have to
do without #2 for a couple weeks while it was in the body shop I decided I
needed to spend some time on #344.  The car has been relegated to the
driveway until such time as I could work on it to get the emissions down so
that it would pass emissions.  We had some heavy storms here lately, and I
realized that there was some water in the front passenger footwell ...
pulled the carpet ... and found that there's probably an inch (probably
more) of standing water!  A bit of investigation and I found that the
windshield was basically disconnected from the body of the car!  I got the
windshield issue resolved satisfactorily (and met a very nice German glass
tech who was working for Safelite out here ... it is always good to have
work done by someone who actually appreciates your car!).  Now I'm having
deal with the effects of the oxidation of electrical connections ... like
the fact that the climate control display goes blank when the headlights
switched on!  I found one major culprit ... the 75A (!) load reduction
in position 5 on the fuse box ... this has gotten things into a position
where I have no qualms about driving the car.  There are enough other
that aren't working well that I'm thinking I'm going to need to open up the
relay area and clean up each item down in the lower two rows ... probably
more than that too.

I'm putting together my plan of attack based upon the functions which are
and are not working and using the wiring diagram ... but I see a lot of
comments there about "welded" grounding connections in the dashboard wiring
harness.  In large part the issues can be explained by high impedance
connections ... so I expect to get a lot of mileage from dealing with them.
Does anyone have experience with locating these "welded" connections to be
able to tell me where I'm going to have to look for them?

Steve B
San Jose, Kaleefohnia (USA)
On another subject ... one near and dear to Dave S' heart ... there was
an article on electrically conductive sealing greases ... here's a link for
that one:


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