[V8] RE: URs4 Five star wheels

Daniel O'Dell daniel_o_dell at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 16 14:20:32 EST 2004

I know this is not quite what you were looking for, but this picture is
with 17" A6 4.2 wheels, and was snapped about 2 years ago, before I
added H&R springs & bilstein shocks.  ( coincidently the same day the
car was broken into....) Anyhow, with the same wheels, and the lower
springs, there are no clearance issues whatsoever, I'm running
234/40/17's currently.  I highly recomend the H&R/ Bilstein setup. I'd
do it again, oh wait, I already did it to the other cars in the


'91 V8/6
'01 S4
'99 A6

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