[V8] thermostat removal tips

dsaad at icehouse.net dsaad at icehouse.net
Tue Feb 17 11:17:54 EST 2004

The long method (from memory), you can skip many parts if you want:

remove belly pan
drain engine block from both drains
drain radiator
remove ISV
remove upper rad hose
remove fan (requires special tools, may not be necessary - can't remember)
R&R thermostat

All in all not a hard job - but a little messy.

Obviously, you do not need to drain the engine this thuroghly but you probably 
need to flush the system anyway, and (and I think this is a big AND) all of the 
coolant that spills out the thermostat housing drips right onto the timing belt 
and lower roller. The tensioner bushing is not sealed and can get gummed up. 
BTDT with a weepy water pump.

btw, how cold is it where you are? 
maybe all you need is to block some air flow over the radiator until the warmer 
air gets here. I have to do that with my truck or it never gets warm.


Quoting John Dodd <jidodd at shaw.ca>:

> Hi
> My car takes a long time to reach operating temperature(according to the
> temp gauge).Is this normal ?
> I've also noticed that the temp gage goes down sometimes before the car
> reaches 87 C so I decided to change the thermostat.
> Could you please give me some tips on changing the thermostat ?
> First of all I noticed that the top radiator hose is in the way. It's
> held in the middle by a black plastic clamp. How do I remove it ?
> Also do I have to remove the ISV valve ? That seems to be in the way
> too.
> Any other pieces that should be removed and some do's and don'ts are
> much appreciated.
> Thanks
> John
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