Roger M. Woodbury rmwoodbury at downeast.net
Wed Feb 18 11:07:55 EST 2004

Yesterday I picked up a big cardboard carton at the Post Office.  Gingerly,
I carried to the car, and later in to the house in the gathering darkness.
VERY carefully, I cut the tape holding the large carton's flaps together,
and then dug through the shards of polystyrene cuddling the contents.

Finally, I could reach in and pull out the first of my "new" Euro
headlights.  First one, and then the other, to find....PERFECT.

All arrived intact from Germany, and they will go to the wrench to be
installed today.

The only real defect is that one of the lamp housing covers has a corner
broken out of it, but it does not affect the sealing of the closure, nor the
working of the light itself....perfectly acceptable for a used lamp.  The
lenses are in very fine condition...certainly less worn than would be lenses
from a 1993 Audi V8 that had spent more than half a dozen winters in New
England!  I will patch this one hole...roughly 1/2 inch square....with
something...maybe duct tape, and proceed to illuminate the world!

The seller, for those of you who need to look,  was Steffen Becker, doing
business as BE-STYLED in Germany.  I bought the lights on eBay, and
recommend Mr. Becker highly.


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