[V8] offtopic 4.6 Ford twin cam into my 5KTQ

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Fri Feb 20 11:27:37 EST 2004

Good luck. Try Kennedy Engineering Products, they stock a v8 adapter for the 
016 to the ford IMS.  

The LT1Q was running great at Steamboat, the guy basically put it in third 
gear and drove it, from takeoff to WOT 3rd gear.  The sound of that motor and 
it's effortless speed brought great memories of a great one off project.

A big job awaits you, but the nice thing is, there is BTDT on american v8's 
mated to the 016 type 44 chassis.  Bob did the Painless Wiring kit from Summit 
for his swap.  IMO, that made the job a whole lot easier than trying to trace 
down the stock harness spagetti.

HTH and keep us updated on progress

Scott Justusson
ex member
Team LT1Q

In a message dated 2/20/2004 10:10:06 AM Central Standard Time, 
Ryandfreise at aol.com writes:
    I'm sorry for the slightly off topic post. I subcontract for a company 
called Converse Engineering and awhile back there was a customer interested 
trying to convert a 5K with a Ford V8 engine. For whatever reason the 
lost interest and the idea has been in my head ever since.
    About 2 weeks ago I saw a Lioncoln MK VIII on Ebay for cheap money (and 
close to me) and I couldn't resist. So now the project starts. The 4.6 hit 
floor last night and within a couple weeks I hope to have the engine out of 
the 5K so that I can do a little test fit just to see what I'm up against.
    I expect this project will take at least a year but I thought I'd share 
it with you all now anyway. Funny how life works It had been awhile since the 
last time I saw the LT1Q mentioned anywhere. Then right as things are 
to happen here It came up in S.J.'s post about the Steamboat event.

Wish me luck

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