[V8] Being Ones Own Mechanic

RichardMor at aol.com RichardMor at aol.com
Mon Feb 23 01:52:27 EST 2004

Your email made me smile.  I'm sure I must have once said something very 
When I hear that from someone your age, I want to be around years later to 
see if
they hold the same strong opinion.

I'm glad you are not only intelligent enough but have the perseverance to 
the projects you listed.  Go get 'em.  This experience will be invaluable to 
all through your life.  My hope for you is that as your experiences grow you 
keep the curiosity while developing more and more tolerance.

Your comment made me think of Maurice and his situation.  I would venture to
say Maurice would love to spend his weekends tinkering around with cars, but
life has thrown him a difference set of rules to play by - at least for a 
while.  I
dare say, he has gained experience and strength through his wife's 
car accident that make all our complaints pale in comparison.
May God bless them.

Isn't this list great!
Best regards,
Richard Morris
Renton, WA
90 V8Q Dk Blue/Dk Blue

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