[V8] Another V8 5-Speed e-Bay / the one on AutoTrader

Jeremy Ward jward at mti-interactive.com
Tue Feb 24 18:53:50 EST 2004

Pretty sad when $4900 is the highest someone is willing to pay for a 5
speed...  What does that say about V8s in general right now?

I understand that there were 155 5-spds imported into the States...
Does that number sound accurate?  All of them as 1991 models (well
except for Bill's, right?).

That is WAY fewer than the URQ (900 some odd?) and they go for between
$15k and $30k...

How many UrS4 and UrS6 were brought in?  Over 3 thousand combined?  They
go for $11k and $17k respectively...  Why?

There was a time when I passed on a URQ for $1500...  Will our V8s
(especially the 5 speeds) ever take off in price?  Is this just a sign
of our economy and the 0% interest on new vehicles?


On another note, I called the local dealer on the 5 speed in Portland
(the one with 59k miles in auto trader for $12k)...  Mileage is legit.
The furthest back record the service manager had was from 37k miles (not
sure if that is when they started taking it to the dealer, or just due
to the limited (time) information they keep in their system...)  Sounds
like the only things that were listed were oil changes, and radio
'concerns' as he put it (I am assuming he was talking about the Bose
recall...)  Timing belt, water pump, etc has not been done (at least not
by the dealership).

I noticed in the pictures on Auto Trader, the car is wearing a different
front license plate in some of the pictures.  A friend also pointed out
that it looks like the driver's front fender has been repainted.

I left a voicemail for the owner and am waiting for him to return my
call to get some more info...  It is only a few miles away from me, so I
would be happy to go check it out for anyone that is interested. :-)


- Jeremy

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I went to look at it today - contact directly if you want to chat about

I am still up in the air on the buying the car personally.  The auction
ended while I was on the ride home and I noticed that it didn't hit the


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