[V8] Well that was fun...

Jeff Goldberg jgoldberg at ntelos.net
Sun Jan 4 10:39:27 EST 2004

If you are looking simply to read out and clear fault codes you can use the
blink code technique described in the service manual.  Scott Mockry has this
information along with some BTDT on his site at:


The SJM website shows a test light (LED US 1115 equivalent) for reading and
clearing ECU and transmission fault codes.
Otherwise, I think you have to have the fuse out, or disconnect the battery for
like 20 minutes to clear the codes.
The quickest way to clear codes by blink method is the "test mode" (see Scotts

I think Ed was referring to the Mixture Adaptation Information stored by the
ECU.  This allows the ECU to "learn" about differences unique to a particular
car and the environment it's driven in.  When this information is cleared it can
take a few miles of driving for the ECU to gather information from the O2 sensor
to restore meaningful data in the Fuel Trim Tables.


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> Glad you had so much fun driving it in the snow, I can just picture it! I'm
> afraid I will miss out on it this winter here in The Netherlands, as we
> mostly only have snow here for 1 or 2 days each winter....and of course this
> winters snow fell while my v8 is not in running condition.
> I noticed something in your message about clearing the ECU memorie. As I am
> going to replace the reference sensor this afternoon, and the dealer said I
> will have to reset the ECU after doing it, if I won't, the car still won't
> run as it should (if the prob is fixed). So my question is, how can I clear
> the memorie without the VAG tool?
> Fedor in The Netherlands
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> > We have a decent amount of snow in Colorado Springs for once.  I went out
> to the V8 and it started cold very well.  Faltered just a bit, but I did
> clear the ECU memory yesterday after doing the injectors so I'm going to
> attribute that falter to a learning incident.
> >
> > Anyway, I haven't driven the Whee8 in the snow for a couple of years.
> Let's just say it was naughty good fun.  Capped it off by driving a short
> residential block up a hill sideways in 1st gear.
> >
> > Ed in Colorado
> >
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