[V8] To rich and backfiring above 1700 rpm

CoultL at aol.com CoultL at aol.com
Sun Jan 4 16:53:41 EST 2004

It seems like this could be caused by a few missing flywheel teeth.  Another 
lister had similar symptoms with that problem.  It might even cause a 
reference sensor error code.  If you have a 27 mm socket this is easy to check.  To 
view the teeth jack the front of the car up a little and, with a flashlight, 
peek through the drain/inspection holes in the bottom of the bell housing.  Have 
someone else turn the engine clockwise using the 27 mm nut on the front 
pulley/dampener.  Other than that I don't know what it could be...maybe fuel 
pressure regulator?

-Justin Lewis

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