[V8] '92 with a broken timing belt

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Wed Jan 7 19:09:24 EST 2004

Keith, I don't doubt your experiences or numbers one bit.  The problem is 
finding a mechanic as competent and honest as you are to oversee the machine 
shop.  I have had two experiences with head work on V8s.  The first was with 
the local dealer when the TB broke at 65,000.  The repair bill was over 

The second experience was related to the first, as the car went through a 
quart of oil every 200 miles after the head rebuild (scored cylinder walls). 
  I took it to a reputable Audi shop, who insisted that the oil lost was due 
to poor tolerances on the valve seals, etc.  There were no bent valves, etc. 
because most had been replaced recently.  They initially quoted about $2,000 
total to remove the heads, clean up the castings (lite port/polish), replace 
the guides etc.  Three months later, I was handed a bill for over $6,000, 
nearly $2,000 of which was for replacement of hydraulic lifters, which they 
said I should do "while I'm in there".  No porting or polishing was done.  
The parts list was staggering and very pricey.  Thus, I'll change my advice. 
  Unless you can have Keith oversee the rebuild of your heads, do the 
minimum to get the car back on the road.  If you do send your heads to 
Keith, have him port and polish them while he's in there and you'll still 
probably come out cheaper than your local shop.  :-)



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>Subject: Re: [V8] '92 with a broken timing belt
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>In a message dated 1/7/04 3:16:31 PM Eastern Standard Time,
>Anthony.Hoffman at tinker.af.mil writes:
> > On the subject of a broken belt, If you were to change the affected
> > head(s),
> > are the 4.2 and 3.6 heads interchangable? If not, what are the 
>  No they are not interchangeable. All the parts with the exception of the
>casting are identical. The 4.2 uses a different bore spacing than the 3.6 
>4.2's have revised combustion chamber locations and coolant passages. Audi 
>went an
>extra step to ensure that you don't try it either, they moved the locating
>pin locations on the block/heads.
>  Rebuilding a V8 head isnt any more cost prohibitive than any other head. 
>couple of intake valves, maybe some guides if the valves really got whacked
>hard and new lifters for the bent valve positions. I recently had a pair of 
>heads rebuilt, including 32 new guides, 32 fresh valve seals,
>resurfacing/pressure testing, and a valve job, for about $500 parts 
>included. Intake valves and
>guides are cheap if you shop around.
>  On the subject of "while you're in there" work.... If you have a head off
>for valve replacement.....rebuild it! Its too cheap and easy to do it right 
>even if you sell the car you can use the repair bill to justify your
>bargaining position. Better yet rebuild them both, the cost of an entire 
>top end gasket
>set is cheaper than trying to peice a set and since the engine already 
>that other head is easily accessable.
>  Pick the right parts source/machine shop and the DIY cost should end up
>around $1000 including all the parts to do the timing belt CORRECTLY.
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