[V8] '92 with a broken timing belt

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Wed Jan 7 20:48:08 EST 2004

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> Keith, I don't doubt your experiences or numbers one bit.  The problem is 
> finding a mechanic as competent and honest as you are to oversee the machine 
> shop.  I have had two experiences with head work on V8s.  The first was with 
> the local dealer when the TB broke at 65,000.  The repair bill was over 
> $8,000.
> The second experience was related to the first, as the car went through a 
> quart of oil every 200 miles after the head rebuild (scored cylinder walls). 
>  I took it to a reputable Audi shop, who insisted that the oil lost was due 
> to poor tolerances on the valve seals, etc.  There were no bent valves, etc. 
> because most had been replaced recently.  They initially quoted about $2,000 
> total to remove the heads, clean up the castings (lite port/polish), replace 
> the guides etc.  Three months later, I was handed a bill for over $6,000, 
> nearly $2,000 of which was for replacement of hydraulic lifters, which they 
> said I should do "while I'm in there".  No porting or polishing was done.  
> The parts list was staggering and very pricey.  Thus, I'll change my advice. 
>  Unless you can have Keith oversee the rebuild of your heads, do the 
> minimum to get the car back on the road.  If you do send your heads to 
> Keith, have him port and polish them while he's in there and you'll still 
> probably come out cheaper than your local shop.  :-)

 Bill, I'm sorry about your wallet, those are some big "ouches". I'd have 
been real curious to see how the cylinder wall got scored from a couple of bent 
valves. The worst case of bent valves I've seen on a V8 was on an engine that 
had to have been winding around 6k when the belt let go. It took out 10 intake 
valves, 6 in one head, 4 in the other. The belt was actually wrapped twice 
around one of the cam gears and two of the valve stems were actually split and 
"S" shaped with the heads bent over about 30 degrees. Despite the condition of 
the valves, neither the pistons or cylinder walls were were damaged. 

 For the record... I don't rebuild heads or port them. I use a local shop who 
specializes in hi-perf work, everything from V-tech Honda's to full out Super 
Gas drag engines. I've been using them for personal stuff since the 80's and 
they've never done me wrong.


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