[V8] Slipped Timing Belt

David Head v8q at bellsouth.net
Mon Jan 12 14:04:48 EST 2004

You shouldn't need exhaust valves, at least from the timing belt slip. 
Intakes are the norm. Check with Keith on parts prices - he can probably 
rattle them off for you. If you will pull the heads yourself you can 
probably do the whole thing for under 1200.00. As long as the valves are 
just bent and you haven't killed a piston
Isn't John Beckius (sic?) in your neck of the woods? He would know a 
good shop. Any good shop that is familiar with VW heads will work. Check 
with the Porsche places too...

Paul Caouette wrote:

> Thanks for the information on the Slipped Timing belt. 
>I'm the "friend in Denver" with the problem.  I'm a lapsed member of the quattro list wich I was using habitually in the mid '90's. Still an Audi nut . Only have five!(including the '83 TQC  that launched me)
>My friend at Clair Audi quoted me prices for valves etc. with a 10% discount. According to those prices I'd be out $63 per exhauast valve and $30 per intake. Gasket kit is $450. etc etc. 
>Any leads on where I might get a better price. 
>Also a good machine shop in Denver.
>I might choose to salvage her if the price takes me beyond the pale. Let me know if your interested in piece parts.
>PS Rebuilt head from Audi was $2,233.00
>Paul Caouette
>Denver, Colorado
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