[V8] new ecu w/out chip

Coleman, David David.Coleman at blackrock.com
Wed Jan 14 09:37:30 EST 2004

The ECU that got ruined by salted water (now believed to have come in through the air duct via the center wiper grommet) had an IA chip in it.   I went as far as to disassemble the old salt-infested unit and remove the chip, but wasn't comfortable installing it into the new ECU (5-speed ECU's aren't easy to come by).

So I'm running with a stock ECU now, and I gotta say I've noticed zero difference, power-wise.  A semi-serious 0-60 run showed 6.9 seconds (snow tires, 1500 rpm easy launch, hand timed), and it didn't feel ANY slower than the chipped version did 2 weeks ago.

That said, it's not impossible that the old ECU had been flawed anyway, and the chip in the replacement unit might have been noticeable.  Also, I haven't taken or timed the non-chipped version to 100 mph, and I wonder if that is its realm of competence.  Perhaps it was the chip that helped the car achieve 152+ last year..

Lastly, IA printed "90-91 V8" on the chip.   I should be asking Ned this question, but is there more than one version of this chip (3.6/4.2,  manual/automatic)?


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