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Scott Baumann baumanns at baldwin-telecom.net
Wed Jan 14 10:24:17 EST 2004

V8Q volk - here is a link to a 1994 V8Q for sale - it is located east of
Columbus, OH.  I am taking a pass on it - thought someone here might be
interested!  I have included below, the dialog & info from the owner.   He
sounds a bit like a dealer, but is selling it as a private individual.  Good

Scott Baumann
1990 V8Q - 145K
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1980 John Deere 2940 - 8500 hours


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> Scott,
> I have pretty much the full history and I am the second owner.  Sorry to
> I do not have any additional photos at this time, and don't have access to
> digital camera.  the timing belt has not been done.  I have owned 6 Audi
> cars since 1980 and currently have this one and a 98 A8 Quattro with only
> 50,000 miles. I was specifically looking for this model when I bought it.
> This car was originally delivered in Florida and the first owner drove it
> about 58,000 miles. The maintenance records up to that time are documented
> in the owners manual. The car was involved in a collision and the
> company involved was going to fix it but the owner wanted the insurance
> company to total it. I have a copy of a photo of the damage and it was not
> very serious at all. This kind of damage is fixed all the time. The owner
> and the insurance company battled for a while over the outcome of the car
> and eventually the insurance company caved in to the owner's demand and
> car was declared a total. At that time a High Line auto dealer in Michigan
> bought the car from the insurance company and repaired it (this dealer has
> one of a very few Ferrari factory authorized repair shops in the country).
> Thus the car has a salvage title, though it has been professionally
> The air bags did not deploy. The windshield was fine. I was told the front
> sub frame didn't even need to be straightened, which was confirmed by an
> Audi specialist I had look at it. I bought the car from them with a 1
> 15,000 mile warranty. This is by far the nicest V8 Quattro I have seen
> anywhere. I have put a little over 30,000 miles on it since I got it. It
> a good car and a very pretty one. It runs great and it's pretty fast.
> Smooth, powerful, and comfortable. Since I have owned it, I have done oil
> changes at the local Goodyear service center, replaced the battery, tires,
> and brakes, and had the local Audi dealer replace the power steering pump
> and hoses. There is a couple of dents in the driver's door that just
> happened recently when a piece of fire wood fell off a truck and hit it. I
> believe the Dent Doctor can remove them without body work. There is an oil
> leak that seems to be coming from the oil pressure sending switch. The air
> conditioner needs charged and I believe it is due to a leak in one of the
> hoses. There is a trace of oil in the engine coolant. I have had this
> checked and I am told a head gasket is leaking. I have just had the oil
> changed and there was no trace of coolant in the oil.  If I keep this car,
> the gasket will be done and at the same time I'll do the timing belt. This
> is a great car with a lot of life left. My needs have changed and I have 3
> cars and no longer need this one, so I prefer to sell it as to spend the
> money on repairs. NADA value for average condition with this milage is
> $13,802. This car is well above average condition, and with the repair is
> still over 20% below NADA.
> Thanks for your inquiry,
> Kent Staker
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> > ***VEHICLE LEAD***
> >
> > The following lead was generated from AutoTrader.com's web site at
> http://www.autotrader.com.
> >
> > Make: Audi
> > Model: V8 Quattro
> > Year: 1994
> > Price: 9000
> > Mileage: 90000
> > Body Style: Sedan
> > Color: White
> > Cylinders: 8 Cylinder
> > Transmission: Automatic
> > Doors: Four Door
> > Stereo: Unavailable
> > Description: $9,000 firm. Pearl white, 275hp V8, with Audi Quattro all
> wheel drive. Integrated phone, integrated radar detector, front and rear.
> beautiful car and great performance car that is incredible in winter.
> $60,000 new. E-mail for additional information.
> >
> > Name: Scott Baumann
> > E-Mail Address: ptsolutions at direcpc.com
> > Day Phone: (612) 325-0756
> > Best Contact Time: day
> > Comments: Do you have more pics you can email?  Do you have the full
> history?  When what the Timing Belt last changed?
> >
> > Thanks
> > SB
> >

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