[V8] FYI - 1994 V8Q for sale - 1 of 50

Greg Johnson gregsj2 at comcast.net
Thu Jan 15 00:05:17 EST 2004


I've been communicating with the owner on this particular V8Q as well 
(hence my request for 90K service interval the other day).  The owner 
seems to be a nice guy (open and honest) but I can't get his deal to 
pencil out.  My mechanic advises that the work that is needed to bring 
his car up to snuff (e.g. firewood door dents, AC charge, head gasket, 
timing belt and associated parts, and a 90K service) is in the $2 - $3K 
range, which means the $9K asking price really closer to $11-12K, and as 
my mechanic points out: "there's no way in hell a V8Q with a salvage 
title is worth that much.  The owner claims a salvage title is no big 
deal.  That's not been my experience and the comments on the list tend 
to bear this out.

Still looking.in Spokane,

Greg J

>V8Q volk - here is a link to a 1994 V8Q for sale - it is located east of
>Columbus, OH.  I am taking a pass on it - thought someone here might be
>interested!  I have included below, the dialog & info from the owner.   He
>sounds a bit like a dealer, but is selling it as a private individual.  Good

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