[V8] Slipped Timing Belt

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Stick with rebuilding your existing engine, (unless is was really abused and
there are other problems with it).  Buying a used engine for a car this old
is like shooting craps, you don't know the history of this engine.  With a
rebuild you know exactly what is being replaced.

Bob Moy

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> 1. Is there any hope?
> 2. How do I check for a bent valve?
> 3. Ayy used V8s engines out there?
> 4. If we have a negative on 1 and 2 I will salvage her. Any takers or 
> ideas
> will be greatly appreciated.

1) yes
2) dont bother checking, if a V8 slips the belt at any rpm above idle,
assured of at least 2 bent intake valves. At 135k its gonna need valve
and seals anyway so if you have one head off this is the time to rebuild the

other too.
3) ABH code 4.2's are rare indeed but definately worth fixing, you may find
used engine somewhere but the swap will cost as much (or more) as fixing
you have.

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