[V8] Re: Perfect Quattro weather...

Roger M. Woodbury rmwoodbury at downeast.net
Fri Jan 16 08:36:29 EST 2004

Yesterday morning, and for a week now, the morning temperature outside the
back door has been around minus 20.  We have had very strong winds that blow
from the northwest across the bay, and the sea smoke is so think that the
far shore of the bay, around 2-3 miles, is shrouded in the smoke.

My wife spent the day in Augusta yesterday, so we left around seven.  I had
an appointment in Portland later, so I dropped her off at the capital, and
kept driving.  We drove her 100CS Quattro Avant because I was dropping off
some boxes and picking up others, and of course, my V8 is still being

Anyway, by 9 o'clock I was in Brunswick near Bowdoin College, and the
temperature was a bright, sunshiney minus 2.  Later to Portland, I saw about
three above on the temperature readout on the dash, and it was the same at
two o'clock when I stopped at the BMW dealership in Westbrook.  Then I
headed back "downeast".

Minus 4 in Augusta at 4:30 when I picked my wife up.  The temperature
selector for the heat was set at 65, because the sun was so strong and
bright that it made the inside of the car unbearable, wearing sweater and
jeans.  I would have passed out had I still been wearing a coat.

We were home at 6:30, the temperature nearly ten below, and the wind still
blowing hard across the bay.

It was a near perfect Quattro day.  Except for no snow.  The roads were
clear and dry for the most part.  The 100CS, as I have been saying before,
is THE most perfect car ever invented for rural Maine.  Flawless performance
with cargo capacity of most medium sized SUVs.  A tad sluggish with only 172
horsepower, but for Maine traffic, it is perfect.

Of course, the trip would have been MUCH more pleasant in the V8.  The added
power, tighter handling, and less economy oriented transmission just makes
such travel far more pleasant. (I covered around 390 miles yesterday, in
mixed rural, interstate and city driving).  But then, with the V8, I
couldn't have carried two 36X40" boxes.

Now, if it would just snow. EVERYTHING would be perfect!


Anxiously awaiting the resurrected V8!

Oh, and yes.  I often think about an S-6!  But I am also thinking about a
BMW 850.....   ;-/

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