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also keep in mind that not all tires are created equal.  I have a set of
17x8 Bolero's (35 mm offset) with 255/40 YR 17 Pirelli P6000's and a set of
the A6/4.2L optional 17x8 wheels (35 mm offset as well but the name of these
escapes me at the moment) with 255/40 YR 17 Dunlop P9000 mounted on them.
Both will fit on my Audi V8's without any problem.  Even though the
"dimensions" of all eight tires are identical the P9000's are much more
aggressive-looking visually, i.e. the sidewall height looks significantly
shorter than the P6000's height.  If you check Tirerack's database for
different tires it is surprising how different supposedly "identical" tires
turn out to be, i.e. the following revs/mile and tire diameters are given
for the 255/40 17 P9000 and P6000 tires: P9000 (772 revs/mile & 25 inches
diameter)& P6000 (824 revs/mile & 25.2 inches diameter).  You'd think a
larger diameter tire would result in lower revs/mile????

BTW, didn't really care for the looks of the Bolero's on the V8 so I mounted
them on the 4motion Passat (pretty tight fit width-wise) and they look much
more at home there ... except for the Audi ring centercaps of course.

'90 V8 auto
'91 V8 5-speed
'00 GLX 4motion 

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I'm running 245/40 ZR 17 Kumhos on 35mm 17x8 Boleros with plenty of room 
on both sides. I know someone out the is running 255s but I'm not sure 
of the offset.

SFevold wrote:

>Keep in mind when you lower your car you'll be limited to 235/45 17 tires,
>think 245s will rub.  And your more likely to run into alignment issues
>a lowered car.
>The combination has major curb appeal though.
>90 V8Q 174K Lago Blue

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