[V8] Car wont start/ continued

Ron Wainwright ron_01056 at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 18 17:14:31 EST 2004


  Last week I posted about how my car was running
great but during a very cold spell of letting it sit
for a few days it wouldn't start.
 Well a few listers mentioned maybe the fuel pump
relay so today I switched it out with a known working
 I allso had the batterie on a charger for a few days
batterie will only charge 3/4's of the way it won't
hold a full charge.
 So i ventured outside (was 30ish deg) hooked the
batterie up & turned the key & to my surprise it
started. But it was going to die so I stomped on the
gas a few times to rev it,
 then it died again,
I tried to re start but it wouldn't just cranked over
(I think I flooded it) so I took the fuse for the fuel
pump out & turned it over to clear the gas & it
started again but then quickly died again so I know I
used up the fuel in the lines. But after reinserting
the fuse the car wouldn't start again.
 I had gotten a few other suggestions like the
Alternator, what do others think of the alternator
being shot? What about the fuel pump? Maybe some
freezing in the fuel lines?
 I think it's due to the extream cold we had (live in
Mass) cause it was fine for the 6 months I've had the
car then the weather came & the car wouldn't start,
 but now that it's been nice for the past few days it
started but wouldn't stay started,
 which made me think one of temp sesors wasn't giving
the ECU a signal but I'm not sure.
 I checked SJM's site but he doesn't get into the V8
only the other type 44's.
 Anyone with any additional help?
87 5ksq many mods
90 200tqa many mods
90 V8 pearl 88k 02 S4 Avus

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