[V8] O-rings

me me dsaad at icehouse.net
Sun Jan 25 22:02:15 EST 2004

Sometimes the etka has the specs for this sort of thing. If you get the 
specs you can try to track one down.
In my experience though, these things are usually really hard to get. 
There is always some odd ball size or material or something.
I usually just order them to save the hassle.


On Sunday, January 25, 2004, at 08:09 AM, michael.a.flynn at us.army.mil 

> Was pissing 11S all over the place, turned out to be the line from the 
> pump to the PA (BOMB) one needs to be careful these days when that 
> word is used. Is a dealer item and I couldnt stand the thought of 
> melting down my card at a dealer that doesnt even know what a V8Q is 
> (the humanity)so I have one on the way from our good friends in 
> Suffolk, Va. Does anyone know about the o-rings at both ends of the 
> line. Since it is all the off I would like to use new ones. 14 year 
> old o-rings? I would feel better not re-using. Again I would like to 
> avoid the dealer, if ya know anything let me know. Also now is a good 
> time to redo the lines under the resivor. One of mine was a little 
> wet. Like Dave said, the lines with age contract in cold weather, the 
> bands on them are not adjustable. NOw is a good time to use good hose 
> clamps on them. Thaks if anyone has o-ring info.
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