[V8] Re: How 'bout a website?

Roger M. Woodbury rmwoodbury at downeast.net
Mon Jan 26 06:45:23 EST 2004

I've been here before, and done that.  Perhaps some of you have been there,

Ten years ago, or so, when I was first getting excited about the Porsche
928, I discovered a website that fueled my enthusiasm for that wonderful

It was a very interesting group of people.  Call them (us), "The
Anti-Porsche".  Well, not precisely.  But basically the site came together
to celebrate the 928, since Porsche as a manufacturer, and Porsche Club of
America specifically could only see the 911 as worth mentioning.  The site
was an Internet based club called www.928oc.org, and there were some really
wonderful people there, terrific writing and for several years, while I
searched for and ultimately bought my 928, I lost hours and hours and hours,
writing to and enjoying my new Internet friends, some of them I have to this
day, even though I am no longer an owner of a 928.

Anyway, the thread about startting a new website reminded me of what
happened to the 928 Owners Club and its website.

The site really grew, and membership began to soar.  I rather think the
quality of some of the writing...not just about this or that little widget,
but other stuff that added the flavor of a magazine concerned with, but not
just about, the 928, attracted more and more members.  Anyway, eventually,
someone on the list began to suggest that we all get together and have a
meet.  Then, there was the suggestion that there be more and more....a
published, PAPER magazine, etc, etc, etc....until finally there were all of
these suggestions, and a few people actually got together to make plans.

There was a face to face meeting in Kansas City, I think, and plans for
another one.  One of the members is a retailer of 928 parts and he sponsored
an event in the mid-Atlantic, called "Sharks in the Harbor".  A big success.

But soon the "suggestions" of what should be done, and how the "club" should
be this or that, began to get so voluminous that the volunteers decided that
with so much "yap" and so little "help", that they would drift away.  The
result was that the 928 Owners Club nearly dissolved, and for several years
nothing at all was done to the web site.

What I am suggesting here is that the V8 page on Audifans.com really serves
a full and excellent service for those of us who have or appreciate these
rather (and increasingly so) unique Audis.  A website devoted to this
particular model doesn't seem to make a lot of sense, and would probably
just detract from Audifans.

Now, if there was to be an actual V8 Owner's Club formed, then perhaps there
would be some sense in having a devoted website, but I doubt it.  There is
already an Audi club that recognizes and embraces the V8 cars as "true"
Audis worth talking about, and even if there was a specific "club" for the
V8, I doubt that a web site would provide more than Dan Simoes has already
provided, or COULD provide with added incentive....read:  cash.

My observation is that car people have a tendancy to suggest bigger and more
expansive ways to promote their hobby/love....their cars.  It is my
observation also that sometimes these suggestions to create some sort of
superstructure only create things that look like camels, and work a lot less

Incidentally, having almost died, the 928 Owners Club has resurrected
itself, and now, under new leadership is an actual, functioning club.  The
"old" Webmaster is back, and it may again provide a true outlet for those of
(us) who continue to have an abiding interest in that wonderful creation
known as the 928.


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