[V8] What a chintzy way to get ahead, or I absolutely HATE it when this happens.....

David Head v8q at bellsouth.net
Wed Jan 28 08:49:35 EST 2004

He gave me grief too when I told him I was buying new seats for the 
'92... Ah, the impetuousness of youth...
Dave Head

Justin Bowers wrote:

>Just wanted to add that I for one find your posts entertaining to read and
>frankly am delighted that both of the V8's I've owned came from owners like
>yourself who viewed maintenance as paramount, without regard to what the
>return on their cost would be...perhaps that is why I've had such an
>incredible experience with the two that I've owned.  
>I also believe that most of us put far more into our cars then what we will
>ever get back upon the sell of our vehicles, but I think the daily grin we
>receive while driving such a wonderful vehicle requires some kind of cost -
>hell I've lost more on one years depreciation on my wife's new Range Rover
>then I've spent on maintenance on my V8 in the last 8 years and I wouldn't
>trade my car for her Range Rover in a minute.
>I for one would certainly expect to pay something of a premium for a car
>that has been maintained regardless of expense versus one that was
>maintained with regard to cost...just my $0.02 - and yes I've been on both
>ends of the deal where I've got far less then I "invested" when selling and
>received far more then what a previous owner had "invested" upon
>purchasing...in the long run I think Karma pays off.

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