[V8] RE: Your V8's service history (kinda)

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Wed Jan 28 21:12:31 EST 2004

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Whoa!,  You work at the MIRAGE in VEGAS?!?
Mike B

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Good afternoon Mike,

I received your fax and just wanted to thank you for coming through for
the list like that.  It is very much appreciated.

Kind regards,
Zay Campozano
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	I found out today that our 10+ year old cars no longer have a
history to speak of in VW/Audi's WINS network.  Call it a Hard Drive
up I guess.  They are retaining any open recall info, however.  Turns
yours is one of them.

Open recalls are:
KD:  Cruise control rod bushing replacement.  (sticking throttle)
KF:  Airbag control module replacement.  (airbag can deploy without

	To the best of my knowledge, any Audi dealer is obligated to
fulfill the
completion of these campaigns on your car no matter how old.  I can't
say I
have ever seen a early 90's model VW come into my Dealership with an
recall. A few late 90's models, yes.

	I'm sorry I can't retrieve more info than that.  I hope I have
been of some
help to you none the less.  If you would like me to fax the actual
printout to you just give me a # and I will be glad to do so.

Mike B

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