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> I generally agree with the vast majority of what you say, but on this 
> one the numbers don't bear you out.  According to APR (goapr.com) their 
> chipped 93 Octane A6 2.7tt produces 318hp and 382lb-ft.   PES' 
> (www.pes-tuning.com) SC'ed 2.8 produces 295hp and 242lb-ft.  I 
> respectfully suggest that APR's torque will carry the day.  It gets 
> worse.  PES' SC is done, because there is no place for an intercooler.   
> APR, however, can add more hardware.  Stage III, 93 Octane 2.7tt 
> (turbos, injectors, MAF and so forth) produces 412hp and 482lb-ft.  With 
> all due respect, game over.

 You're a true power freak. =0)

 Peak numbers dont tell the real life story, A 2.8s/c will always have more 
low end torque and quicker throttle response than any 2.7tt, tuned or not. In 
real life daily driving situations that torque and the width of that torque 
band is what tells the story. That was the direction of the discussion after all, 
real life daily drivers.  

 Quick, whats the 60ft time of stage 3 modded A6q auto with 3 passengers and 
a trunk full of luggage. How much you wanna bet it isn't as quick as the same 
car with a 2.8s/c. Thats real life daily driving. 

 I'm a true power freak too but in daily driving I'll take a fat torque band. 

200q32v s/c (in progress)


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