[V8] Re: V8 Digest, Vol 9, Issue 2

Peter A. Green peteragreen at telus.net
Fri Jul 2 10:44:38 EDT 2004

It's cheaper in the long-run to buy a new one........  I got a used-one to
replace my cracked one and a couple of weeks later the replacement one
cracked and the loss of water light came-on in a traffic jamb in the city!
Subsequent attempts to repair with epoxy were unsuccessful.  BLAUfergnugen
occasionally have a sale price on the unit but the replacement ones have the
overflow nipple coming-off into the air-cleaner duct (maybe they sent me a
5000 unit by mistake), this was easily resolved by lifting the duct a little
and using a longer hose back to the radiator.
'90 V8Q Pearl

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> Subject: [V8] Overflow Reservoir
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> The old 91 has a crack in the Radiator overflow reservoir right down on
the lower nipple.  Is this something that can be expoxy or is it
replaceable??  Is it the same as the 5000?
> Thanks,
> Bob
> 90 V8
> 91 V8
> 92 V8

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