[V8] Overflow Reservoir

Linard Cimermanis bwolf at speakeasy.net
Fri Jul 2 11:31:07 EDT 2004

I replaced mine last fall for the same failure. Sourced at my local 
dealer; the receipt shows a list price of $85.14, I paid just under $62 
with ACNA discount. FWIW, my local dealer (Stammler in Boulder, CO) has 
been outstanding to work with.

> For $60 it might not be worth trying to repair - but I did repair both 
> hose
> nipples on my tank. Both cracked like yours. I cut off the nipple and 
> tapped a
> pipe thread into the plastic, then screwed in a metal hose barb. I put 
> teflon
> tape on the threads and have had no seepage in several years.
> I can't remember the tap sizes but it should be obvious what will work.
> btw, if you have to buy the taps and hose barbs, you will easily be 
> $20 into a
> $60 part. I only did it because the tank price I was quoted was well 
> over $100.
> Dave
> Quoting BBlake1055 at aol.com:
>> The old 91 has a crack in the Radiator overflow reservoir right down 
>> on the
>> lower nipple.  Is this something that can be expoxy or is it 
>> replaceable??
>> Is it the same as the 5000?
>> Thanks,
>> Bob
>> 90 V8
>> 91 V8
>> 92 V8
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