[V8] Overflow Reservoir

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Mon Jul 5 19:36:07 EDT 2004

I am taking the liberty of reponding without reading all the other replys. 
Apologies if this has already been said.  Even though I no longer have my V8, I 
do have an A8, and still read the V8 posts (nostalgia). I had a crack in the 
expansion tank of the A8, right where the return line barb meets the tank. 
There is a metal insert on the A8 which I assume was intended to relieve the 
stress on the plastic in that area. The metal insert was not inserted all the way 
in, and provided little if any support allowing a crack to form at that 
junction. I never had that problem on the V8, and did not bother to ask the list for 
help. Instead, I decided to try welding the crack closed. I removed the metal 
insert, dried the area to be weded. I then  cut some small pieces of plastic 
from an area of the tank flange which did not seem necessary for strength. I 
then took my 220 watt soldering gun, cleaned the tip, and proceeded to weld the 
crack. I then reinserted the insert (all the way in), and finished the job by 
applying some epoxy designed for plastics. It has been about a month now, and 
seems to be working fine. HTH
Frank Santoro
1990 V8 (gone but not forgotten)
1998 A8

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