[V8] Hard Start When Warm

Dave Head v8q at bellsouth.net
Sun Jul 11 08:53:59 EDT 2004

timing reference sensor. Next time, take a funnel and pour some cool 
water up against the block between the headers of the 3rd/4th driver's 
side cylinders. If it starts right up, there's yer problem.

Bob & Missy wrote:

>1990 V8
>Car is hard to start when warm, even 5 minute trips to the grocery.  If the
>throttle body area is fanned a little, it seems to start earlier than
>letting the car sit.  I found the following codes and some info about them
>by googling around a bit:
>Timing (62 degrees BTDC) reference sensor
>Flywheel pin damaged/missing,
>Mislocated Sensor, flywheel pin, distributor hall sensor out of adjustment
>Timing reference sensor Flywheel pin damaged/missing
>Ignition reference sender
>Hall sender in distributor
>Distributor alignment, faulty sender,
>Mislocated sensor & distributor.
>Hall sender in distributor Distributor alignment
>Hall sender - No speed signal from distributor; check Hall sensor and
>circuits or the  Air-flow sensor plate is not moving freely; adjust
>potentiometer or lever.
>Is this a problem with the infamous crank position sensor, or is it a
>distributor problem?
>	Thanks in advance,
>	-- Bob
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