[V8] Hard Start When Warm

Buchholz, Steven Steven.Buchholz at kla-tencor.com
Mon Jul 12 11:36:39 EDT 2004

... since you are seeing both codes I'd start to wonder if you have an issue
with the crank/cam timing.  Notice the 2112 code points you this way as
well.  You might want to check the dizzy hall sender to make sure it is
functioning ... and if it appears to be so, set the engine up on TDC and
check the crank and cam references ...

Steve B
San Jose, CA (USA)
> 1990 V8
> Car is hard to start when warm, even 5 minute trips to the 
> grocery.  If the
> throttle body area is fanned a little, it seems to start earlier than
> letting the car sit.  I found the following codes and some 
> info about them
> by googling around a bit:
> 2112
> Timing (62 degrees BTDC) reference sensor
> Flywheel pin damaged/missing,
> Mislocated Sensor, flywheel pin, distributor hall sensor out 
> of adjustment
> Timing reference sensor Flywheel pin damaged/missing
> Ignition reference sender
> 2113
> Hall sender in distributor
> Distributor alignment, faulty sender,
> Mislocated sensor & distributor.
> Hall sender in distributor Distributor alignment
> Hall sender - No speed signal from distributor; check Hall sensor and
> circuits or the  Air-flow sensor plate is not moving freely; adjust
> potentiometer or lever.
> Is this a problem with the infamous crank position sensor, or is it a
> distributor problem?

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