[V8] voltage on the climate control

Jeremy Ward jward at mti-interactive.com
Mon Jul 12 11:58:42 EDT 2004

Wow!  That's one heck of a voltage regulator!  :-)

Have you used a Volt Meter to see what it reads?  Are there other
problems as well, or you just found it was curious that it stays at 12.0
no matter what you did?  Have you tried channel 10 (voltage at blower

Are all of your fuses good; are the battery terminals clean and tight?
Seems like if that was it you would be noticing other symptoms too (but
never hurts to check).


- Jeremy

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Having a problem with getting the actual volts coming off of the
per channel 11.  I have come to think that everythings fine and that the
sensor is screwed up because it's stuck on 12 volts - no matter what I
( turning on heater, turning on the rear defroster, lights) - it doesn't
move off of 12 volts.  I had the alternator changed in April and the car
starts up just fine.  No dimly lit brake/ battery on.

How do I check the volts coming off - before I go to the mechanic?  And
the sensor is screwed up - can it be changed out?

Steve Kramer
1990 V8q

celebrated his 160,000 miles this past week.

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