[V8] RE: TBelt Job in Las Vegas

Ed Kellock ekellock at gmail.com
Mon Jul 12 15:33:11 EDT 2004

Actually that's Caig, no "r" in there.  Good stuff.  A few years ago I
bought some at a large Radio Shack store.  I can't remember how they
distinguished it from the usual neighborhood stores.  I think it might
have been a walk-in store for the Radio Shack Online stuff, but I
couldn't find Caig, DeOxit, or ProGold there now in a search.  But
Caig sells direct online.

On Mon, 12 Jul 2004 14:14:23 -0400, cobram at juno.com <cobram at juno.com> wrote:
> "Campozano, Robert" <RCAMPOZANO at mgmmirage.net> writes:
> > Hi!  We did everything *but* the timing belt and all related parts.
> > tear apart the dash this weekend...any suggestions on what to look
> > for and use to resolve the issue?  I have seen numerous posts on the
> > list regarding this but do not have time to look it up in the archives.
> Just look up Stabilant 22 or Craig and you should get some good posts.
> Basically you take the various boards out of the cluster, clean
> connectors, add contact enhancer and as Audi says, installation is
> reverse of removal.
> > here.  It would be great.  Anyone interested in doing a TBelt job in
> > the fall in Vegas?  I have all the parts and none of the skill...
> Hmmm, I'm heading to Sin City with the wife next Monday for a week.  I
> think the wife would know something was up if she notices my Hazet
> Assistant being checked in with our luggage....  She's already a "weekend
> Audi widow" as it is,  with 6 Audi's in the fleet  (I added another V8Q
> for those keeping count, the family is ready to send out the men in the
> white coats..;-)
> The timing belt really isn't a job that requires alot of experience, it
> requires alot of patience and it's a more of a PITA type of job than a
> head scratcher.  If you don't find anyone by the fall, I might take you
> up on the offer, by then I'll have done the Tbelts on 2 of the V8Q's and
> should have the short term memory warmed up.
> > minute great price and free shipping from Northside Imports,
> Northside does have some incredible prices on the expensive stuff, like S
> car turbos etc.  Definitely worth getting a quote from them before buying
> any dealer only items.
> http://www.geocities.com/cobramsri/
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