[V8] Oil cooler lines

David Lyddall david at styletrack401k.com
Fri Jul 16 11:18:38 EDT 2004

The replacement cost on the engine oil cooler lines is about $215 from the


About 4 years ago I was driving from Salt Lake City to Spokane WA (having
driven from Seattle to SLC a few days before) and was in a bit of a hurry on
a very snowy I-90 in Idaho - about 10 miles from home I decided to drive off
the road (figured it was a better option than hitting the back of the idiot
who drifted into the lane I was in at 30mph slower than I was driving).
Anyway, the only damage to the V8 was a bashed belly pan and a torn oil
cooler hose.  Oil gushes out pretty quick from it, so we had to get towed


It was easy enough to remove the hose, the dealer wanted the above mentioned
price (apparently 'cost' on that item) but suggested I take the torn one to
Spokane's House of Hose - they used the old ends and put a new hose on for
less than $50.  The ends are the tricky part, so if that's where your leak
is then it might be no use having the hose rebuilt.  Although if I remember
right, there might be a rubber seal around the ends and that could be where
your leak is coming from.


Good luck.






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