[V8] "Major Surging"

Jeremy Ward jward at mti-interactive.com
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Makes sense to me.  Although I haven't had any experience with this myself, it has been a popular topic from time to time.

I think it was Keith that told us that a '93 Ford F150 5.0L Oxygen sensor works great in the V8 for much less money than the same Bosch O2 sensor from the Audi dealership. The Ford uses 2 of these sensors, but our V8s will only need one. This is a 4 wire sensor however (Audi is 3 wire); the extra wire is a dedicated ground wire and must be hooked up.

It is located on the exhaust 'X' near the transmission.

Symptoms (as you know) are surging power and poor gas mileage.

A buddy at work told me that you can test your O2 sensor with instructions found on the internet.  Do a search on Google for oxygen sensor test torch.  (I probably wouldn't bother testing it, just replace it.  But if you want to be 100% sure...)

I have hear that they can be stubborn to remove (due to the heat that baby sees), and chances are that it has been replaced in the past, therefore the wires are already spliced.

Bob, the O2 sensor is one of the more common maintenance items...  If it were me, I wouldn't go through the trouble of robbing one from the '92 to try it out in the '90 considering the headache of R&R combined with the fact that they can be found for fairly inexpensive at the Ford dealer, or the auto parts store...


- Jeremy

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One thing I did notice is that when the engine is cold it doesn't seem to have the surging problem.  Would that make a difference with the O2 sensor???

Bob Blake

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>Oxygen sensor????
>At 08:19 PM 7/17/2004 -0400, BBlake1055 at aol.com wrote:
>>My 91' has recently developed some major surging problems.  It use to be 
>>minimal at 3/4 throttle but now it seems to be there 95% of the time.
>>I notice when the computer was in the "instant mileage" mode and I held it 
>>at a steady 65 mph the mileage would bounce back and forth from 28 mpg - to 
>>21 mpg.  it feels as if the fuel pump is tuning on and off.  The overall gas 
>>mileage is still ok.
>>Any ideas????
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