[V8] Crankshaft seal removal?

Hoffman Anthony J A1C 552 CMS/MXMVC Anthony.Hoffman at tinker.af.mil
Mon Jul 19 13:50:10 EDT 2004

I have used two different methods. One is to get the seal puller from
Zelenda (or other tool source), and the other is rather crude but uses two
drywall screws. You tap them into opposite sides of the seal with a hammer,
and screw them in. Sometimes you have to use two or three, as the tend to
dull. Both methods have worked well for me, with the drywall screw method
obviously being cheaper. However, when dealing with aluminum you have to be
cautious not to gouge it. This will allow the oil to go right outside the
edge of the seal.

Tony Hoffman

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I am also very interested in the answer to this question.  I am going to do
my second t-belt job soon and would like to replace the seals.  I have read
that the front crank seal is really not a worry, as it almost never leaks?
Also, is there a list member out there that has the required tools (cam
locking plates, crankshaft holder) and is willing to rent them out?  I see
this question come up from time to time but I think the responses are always
off list.  TIA.

-Justin Lewis

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