[V8] intake sealing

Nadjkovic Kraig A TSgt 552 CMS/MXMVC Kraig.Nadjkovic at tinker.af.mil
Wed Jul 21 14:15:11 EDT 2004

Hey y'all.  I just picked up a 1990 V8 quattro at a tow yard auction.  It's
pretty nice except that none of the electrical accesories work.  Anyway,
here's my problem:  The fuel injecsion didn't seem to be working right.  It
was real hard to start in the morning, so I had to use ether to get it
started.  To get around that, I cut a hole in the top of the intake, hogged
out the runners a bit so they'd all get some gas and air, and bolted a
Holley 650 double pumper on the top.  That should be big enough for a 3.6
litre engine, right?  It doesn't seem to run right.  I'm pretty sure I got
the carb sealed on there good with RTV, but it still seems like there's a
vacum leak or something--it stumbles and hesitates when I try to take off.
I'm sure I'm not the first to do this to get rid of that Bosh injecsion
system.  Any idears?
1990 V8 Q
84 5000 wagon 5 SPEED

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