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Thu Jul 22 14:36:48 EDT 2004

It wasn’t a school project…just for the kicks.  I did it a very different and inferior way than is being explored by others.  Instead of mounting the SC on the intake manifold I mounted it to the passenger side chassis rail.  I removed the viscous fan and replaced it with a toothed pulley.  A toothed belt took power from the fan pulley and ran it to the SC.  The supercharger was mounted on rubber/elastomer pucks to keep its vibration off of the frame rail.  The SC exhaust was led to a custom air box cover and then into the intake plenum in the usual manner.  This way I was forcing compressed air past the MAF…not the best situation but I have seen it done successfully on many other cars.
I drove around for a few hours with the setup in place but never really floored it because I had not modified the fuel system yet.  I bought and planned to install a rising rate fuel pressure regulator but found that the fuel injectors were too small to supply the required fuel…even at significantly elevated fuel pressures.  I was then going to install a set of ford 19lb injectors but…the project lost steam.  After driving around with the setup installed I decided I didn’t like the added noise and really would rather use the money to keep my V8 in pristine, reliable condition instead.  
I would be happy to pass along any insights gained though.  I would scrap the stock manifold and build a new one.  I think it would be best to keep the SC, intake manifold, and intercooler at a single unit.  This would necessitate the use of a water intercooler and small radiator mounted up front.  In my mind, it is much easier to route two .5” rubber water lines to the front of the engine bay than it is to work our all of the air to air intercooler ducting.  I would not supercharge this 10.5:1 compression ratio engine without an intercooler and a fuel setup that would run the engine rich, when on boost, all the way through the rev range.  You could mount the MAF sensor anywhere.  Just bolt it a tube of the same size as it is originally mounted.  Place the honeycomb air calmer in front and mount the tube anywhere between the new air filter and SC intake.  
My webpage gives some info on the project for those interested.  I built this page for potential employers so little is said about the lack of completing of the project.  I would love to add two turbos to the V8…if I can eventually find a tuner that will hire me, it will happen. 

-Justin Lewis

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