[V8] 2 days/1300 miles in the newest 4.2 5spd V8

Nadjkovic Kraig A TSgt 552 CMS/MXMVC Kraig.Nadjkovic at tinker.af.mil
Tue Jul 27 10:54:47 EDT 2004

Dude!  You're killing me.  That's what I want from my 440, too.  But it'll
never happen in a car that's as comfortable as an Audi V8.  How about a 4.2
V8 5 speed quattro wagon?  Hoffman, where are you?
'67 Plymouth Fury I wagon 440

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#1 on the List...my friend for 30 years, Scott W, a Mopar fan and owner for 
as long as I've known him......"THAT's how I want my 440 to run....a great
lope without smelling fuel constantly!"

 Even better... not one hard headed American Muscle head or Ricer boy making

snide 4 door or German car comments.

 Its definately not the car for many Audi owners especially the
if you like an unstable big cam idle, a torque band the really comes on hard

in top, and an exhaust that roars under low rpm load, howls up top, cackles
the pipes under  decel, and sings while cruising...you would fall in love 
with this car.


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