[V8] 2 days/1300 miles in the newest 4.2 5spd V8

Nadjkovic Kraig A TSgt 552 CMS/MXMVC Kraig.Nadjkovic at tinker.af.mil
Tue Jul 27 13:11:50 EDT 2004

Yeah, I think my next 'new' (read: new to me, but at least 3-4 years old,
because I'll never buy another new car) car will be a Magnum.  I just bought
my wife a 2000 Durango, so when she's ready for something newer, she'll
probably get a Magnum.  Then I'll have the Durango, which I could probably
get my 451 into(that's 7.4 litres for those that don't do well with
c.i.)...Hmmm, maybe that could be my powerful, comfortable 'car.'

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... right now I'm working to install a 3.6 into my '88 Avant ... so far I
haven't succumbed to the lure of the 4.2, but with more and more of them
being used in Audis these days it may be impossible to resist.  What I'd
love to do is to create a copy of Hr. Piech's car that I've seen pictures of

... speaking of the dark side ... I must say that I've been jonesin for one
of those new Dodge Magnums ... saw one on the road on the way home last
night ... in the quick glimpse from the rear view mirror (I was in the
carpool lane and couldn't dawdle) the nose looked quite Viper-esque ...  

Steve B
San Jose, CA (USA)
> Dude!  You're killing me.  That's what I want from my 440,
> too.  But it'll
> never happen in a car that's as comfortable as an Audi V8.  
> How about a 4.2
> V8 5 speed quattro wagon?  Hoffman, where are you?
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