[V8] 91 V8 5-speed

CRAIG BOOTH vapcraig at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 27 15:43:16 EDT 2004

I am thinking about selling my V8 it is blue with grey leather.  If you are 
interested in getting a V8 the 5-speed is the way to go, as many people on 
this list can tell you as far as performance goes the auto dose not even 
compare to the 5-speed.  It is a true sleeper it is faster off the line than 
the majority of cars and it just keeps going form there to well over 150.  I 
hate to part with it but I am going to downgrade to a newer A4 or A6 
Quattro.  I just had the 5-speed rebuilt I have replaced many parts on the 
car.  I am going to put together some pics and some other info on the car.  
All the work has been done by a factory Master Audi Tech.  The car is in 
Dallas Texas. If you have any questions drop me an email.

Craig Booth
vapcraig at hotmail.com

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