[V8] Oil Drain Info

michael.a.flynn at us.army.mil michael.a.flynn at us.army.mil
Wed Jul 28 21:45:11 EDT 2004

Just wanted to pass this one on. I Just got home from a 2000 mile round trip. The Car ran great! at                    80K is just breaking in. hehehe I wanted to drop the oil                                                                  while I was in Missouri, and thats when it came to me that 
the oil drain bolt was buggered up, was getting
worse each time. Got it done, but 
had to really do a number on the bolt. I called
my dealer in Florida and had one ordered,
was there when I got home. I just did 
the oil and filter and in went the new 
oil drain plug. As these cars gain more years on them
would be a good idea to keep one in the glove
box or trunk. Was about 11 or 12 bucks
(thats much 2 much) but good to have.
Part number 028-103-059-A
Does not come with washer, get a few
while your are there.
Mike Flynn
1990 V8
1997 A6Q (SOLD!)
2004 BMW R11050RS

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