[V8] 2 days/1300 miles in the newest 4.2 5spd V8

DieMarthaDie at aol.com DieMarthaDie at aol.com
Thu Jul 29 00:47:41 EDT 2004

All of the writeups have said that there's an AWD option in the early release 
days... so if it's not already there, it will be shortly...

If I can't have the 91 200TQA of my dreams, I'm willing to go over to the 
dark side for a black AWD magnum with anodized rims and a limotint on the 
windows.  Gotta get the kids to school somehow :)  Yeah, it's nowhere near the 426 
HEMI, and it doesn't actually have hemispherical combustion chambers, but they 
call the big motor a Hemi... that (plus 300+HP) counts for something...


> There's talk of an all wheel drive Magnum in the future.  Not sure how true
> it is, but it is mentioned on allpar.com.
> nadj
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> I like the looks and utility of the Magnum, but I wouldn't want a
> two-wheel-drive car unless it was a summer-only use, like a little ragtop.  

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