[V8] Help, no start v8

lschor lschor at westga.edu
Thu Jul 29 14:15:13 EDT 2004

I'm new to the list having purchased a v8 5 speed (black over travertine 
w/sport seats)a few weeks ago. Every once in a while I would turn the key to 
start and get a sound not unlike turning a car to start when the engine is 
already running. Each time, the next turn of the key worked fine. I was 
wondering if the starter was beginning to go. Today, it would not start at 
all. There is a slight whirring sound when I try but it is not the starter 
turning. The windows work so it is getting some current. To deepen the 
mystery, when I bought the car, the previous owner said he had starting 
problems and had just replaced the battery. Any ideas other than parting it 
out to sell the rare sport seats? I really want this car to be a keeper. 
Thanks in advance for any help.


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