[V8] New Serpentine Belt Goes Wild

Zay Campozano zay at rennlist.net
Fri Jul 23 22:33:31 EDT 2004

No, not a video of my Serpentine belt in Cancun...my brand new belt, one band/tooth of it just desintegrated.  I found most if it wrapped up on the main cooling fan!  Anyway, the majority of the belt is still in tact but obviously I should not drive on that belt to much (or maybe I should not drive at all, any suggestions?) but at the moment it is my only means of transportation.  Now, I was able to get the broken pieces unwound from the fan (courtesy of Ginsu, sorry, did not have other tools and I was very careful)...the question is, what could have caused it?  Was it a faulty belt?  Anyway, thoughts and suggestions appreciated.  I will end up getting another belt this week.

Take care,
Zay Campozano

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