[V8] H/P Hoses

David Lyddall david at styletrack401k.com
Wed Jun 2 09:12:49 EDT 2004

I lived in Spokane for 3 years and had P/S and fuel rail hoses rebuilt by
them - about 4 years ago now.  They are excellent - fast, not expensive and
they really know what they are doing.


Oh they also rebuilt an oil cooler hose that I tore in a little off road
exercise (freeway covered in snow, 4000lb car without snow tires, and a
choice of hitting the idiot that just drifted in front of me or pointing it
to the side and hoping for the best).  The dealer (who I worked for at the
time and got 'cost' on parts) wanted $213 for it, House of Hose (recommended
by their service department) rebuilt it for less than $50.





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