[V8] H/P Hoses

John Bysinger john at bysinger.net
Wed Jun 2 21:07:25 EDT 2004

I just went through this with spokane hose, and 2 hoses.  The flexible high
pressure hose from the pump to the hard line going back to the rack, and the
high pressure hose for the hydro brake booster.  In both cases they called
me and talked about the fittings and sleeves and made sure that what I got
back would work properly.  With the hoses back on the v8 now, I haven't seen
any issues.


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Hi guys,

I am in the middle of having the P/S Pump replaced and thought it would be
prudent to have the hoses rebuilt at the same time. I have read that some of
you have had good luck with Spokane Hose in WA state. Is this true? I have
also spoken to Bruce at Audi Connection and he said to make sure that they
replace a sleeve inside the fitting or it won't work (my conclusion - not
his words).
Can anyone vouch for their work? BTDT maybe?
1990 V8

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