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Everyone has their favorite, but if you want to optimize the paint's character and have the best possible shine, the best is Zaino Bros.  It doubles the shine on a brand new car and absolutely transfoms it on an older car with paint all gunked up with 10 years worth of wax, road tar, and etc. It's pricey, and if I hadn't witnessed first hand its results I'd have stuck with any of the klasse meguire's zymol mothers stuff that I have piled up in my garage. Check out zainobros.com -- it takes some effort the first application (including clay and de-contaminating), but having used all varieties on all sorts of show-quality vehicles, there's none better. 


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Zymol.  I've seen the ridiculous prices, heard the hype.  Then I finally bought some.  The shampoo is nice.  Not only is this stuff the easiest wax to apply, your car smells like a coconut smoothie after you're done!  Buffs up BEFORE drying, shines even more if you spritz water on it and buff again!  No residue I could see.  Works like a dream.  A water-based carnuba wax with natural oils.  Worth the price!
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