[V8] Water Leaking in Passenger Compartment

Kneale Brownson knotnook at traverse.com
Sat Jun 5 08:02:02 EDT 2004

You can't get to the drain inside the evaporator box.  You find the small
tube exiting the area covered by the rain diverter from underneath and run
something relatively small and stiff--like the string trimmer line--into
it.  Others have also used air pressure.

At 08:29 PM 6/4/2004 -0700, Justin Bowers wrote:
>Hi Kneale,
>Thanks for your response.  So if I'm looking to try and unplug the drain, do
>I start at the top or the bottom?  I'm assuming I remove the plenum cover
>and start from there...is that correct?
>Thanks again,
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>Most likely, if you've been using A/C, it's the little drain for the
>evaporator box.  If you've been using the A/C and you park, do you get a
>little puddle under the car?  If not,  that drain is plugged.  It exits the
>body above the passenger side of the tranny.  There's a large drain for the
>HVAC compartment that exits just toward the driver side by a couple inches
>or so.  Some folks have reported success clearing the evap box drain by
>running string trimmer string up the tube.  It's too small for anything
>much larger than that.
>At 10:01 PM 6/3/2004 -0700, Justin Bowers wrote:
>>Hi All,
>>Recently my V8 has developed the nasty habit of dumping water all over the
>>passenger foot compartment every morning.  Basically if I hit a bump or
>>accelerate quickly, water comes pouring out.  I'm not losing any coolant,
>>I assume it must be condensation from the AC.is this possible?  If so,
>>should I be looking for a clogged drain?
>>Thanks in advance for any suggestions,
>>Justin w/dry feet - only the passengers get a cold splash on their feet!
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