[V8] hot start problem which sensor/ conclusion

Ron Wainwright ron_01056 at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 9 16:53:21 EDT 2004


  A thanks to fellow listers who gave me the BTDT on
the sensor R&R,
 I found it to be an easy job (I'm going to put the
way I did it in the knowledgbase) but I will go
through it know.
 First I undid the air filter housing,
 then I undid the a few spark plug wires from the
driver side cap (just to make getting my hand in there
 then the cruise controll 10mm & throttle cable
linkage 8 or 10mm (I figured the more room the
marrier), & put them to one side.
 then there's a braket that is attatched to the braket
that holds the o2 sensor, the ignition & RPM on the
back of the driver side head 17mm & 13mm that will
make the braket free from the motor & eisier to get at
the grey connector.
 take driver side tire off,
 undid the belly pan
 I used a small ratchet & a 10mm socket to get the two
bolts from the heat shield & as other listers
mentioned it is rite next to the end of the header
pipe before it gets attatched to the X pipe. Again do
this when the car is cold cause it gets hot in there a
few burns for my trouble.
 I ws able to wrape my arm around the sway bar to be
able to get two hands in there,
 then undo the braket the sensors will come out.
 Then it's reverse order.
 Hope this helps someone in the future.
 If I forgot anything other listers will be sure to
chime in.
87 5ksq many mods
90 200tqa many mods
90 V8 pearl 89k S4 17's, 93 S4 sport seats, stebro
exhaust, "Big Reds"

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