[V8] accelerator pedal sticking?

Jeremy Ward jward at mti-interactive.com
Wed Jun 9 23:07:25 EDT 2004

I have fiddled in that area.  I accidentally swapped 2 plug wires...
Car ran surprisingly well, but had some of the power issues you

I had the 'bucking' you describe as well when I took the foot off the
gas.  Turned out to be an issue with the idle switch (built into the
throttle position sensor).  Turned out to be both a bent cruise control
linkage and filthy butterfly valves in the throttle body; they weren't
allowing the idle switch to see a 'closed' position.


- Jeremy

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  The other day I replaced both the ignition & rpm
sensors & got ride of the hot start problem I thank'd
listers eirlier,
 but now i'm having a new problem
 when first starting out the accelerator pedal feel's
like there's resistance against me wanting to
accelerate then I can feel a little play before I feel
the car going as fast as I have the pedal pushed down.
Yah now what I mean?. Then getting off the pedal the
car kinda bucks.
 I'm thinking something like the throttle linkage &
cruise needs adjusting cause I did take that stuff of
to get to the bracket for the sensors. maybe a brather
hose failed? What you guy's think?.
 Thanks for any wisdom

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