[V8] V8 electrical: turn signals and stereo

Hoffman Anthony J A1C 552 CMS/MXMVC Anthony.Hoffman at tinker.af.mil
Thu Jun 10 01:02:41 EDT 2004


My stereo totally shuts off as soon as volume is increased. It can't even be

turned up to an audible level. Just one click to turn it on, and then one 
click of volume usually causes a popping noise in the speakers and the 
system shuts off. The problem is intermittent and definitely worse in colder


>>> I'd double-check the connectors on the stereo, and also the ground and
power connections at the other side (fuse box for stereo, not sure where the
ground is).

Quirk #2
I removed the stereo to spray out that volume pot. And after reinstalling 
it, the turn signals and hazards stopped working... They started working 
again for about a week and now they seem to have died permanently. The only 
thing I get is an ugly buzzing sound in the instrument cluster when using 
the turn inidcators or hazard lights.

>>> Check the connection to the hazard switch. The turn signals as well as
the hazards get there power through the switch, and if it is disconnected,
neither will work.
>>> BTW, what brand of cleaner did you use? Just curious, as my wifes
started crackling when turned down/off, and I use Radio Shack cleaner, which
fixed it.

Tony Hoffman

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